Sweet Monroe House, LLC

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Our Policy

We pride ourselves on being the most professional as we provide classic adult services. Sweet Monroe House, LLC has strict guidelines, for the protection of our Monroes', Independent Entertainer's, as well as you, the valued client.  Our policies are not to be violated under any circumstances, and are in place for the protection, safety and well being of our providers, as well as our wonderful gentlemen & ladies.  Please read and understand our etiquette before booking your reservation. 


The compensation is for time and services only, between consenting adults, age 18 or over. The activities may include dinner, dancing, concerts, modeling, sporting events, movies, etc. ANYTHING ELSE, that may take place, is a matter of personal choice between the two or more parties, and is NOT contracted for or by Sweet Monroe House, LLC.  Any requests for such matters will be denied and you will be blacklisted. To comply with California Penal Code 647(b), Sweet Monroe House, LLC will report ALL violations to authorities. Our platform is NOT obligated to provide clients with sex services.


1.  Respect zone - Any behaviors that are proven to be disrespectful, rude, abusive or unprofessional will not be tolerated.  Above all else our Monroes' safety and comfort comes first. Sweet Monroe House Monroes' are given the right to deny any task or appointment in which they feel uncomfortable.  Any Client that pressures ANY Monroes' will be banned. 


2. Privacy is strictly enforced - Our Monroes' deserve privacy, as do you. Personal information, such as phone numbers, are to remain that.. Personal. Anyone pressuring our ladies and/or gentlemen for information will have their session ended. 


3. How to book - Pre bookings are encouraged whenever possible.  Same day bookings are available, but are limited and upon the availability of Monroes'.  Request forms are to be filled out and submitted on line.  No text and/or calls allowed, sorry ladies and gents. 


4. Rates - Absolutely non negotiable.  There are no additional charges, taxes included. 


5. Cancelations - Time is valuable, ours as well as yours.  Clients making last minute cancelations, or repeated tardiness, are at risk of being declined for future engagements.  We absolutely understand that cancellations and lateness can occur, and we ask for your communication should this happen.